8 Major Google Ranking Factors in 2021

8 Major Google Ranking Factors in 2021

Speed: Website Speed and Page Speed

Absolutely nobody wants to have a website that is slow and unresponsive. Having a website that loads quickly and is seamless is going to be extremely helpful.

Mobile Compatibility

While crawling the websites, Google utilizes mobile-first indexing. This means that Google predominantly uses a website’s mobile version while it is evaluating a website.

Keyword Targeting

Let us first admit that Google is pretty smart and it can recognize when the marketers are trying to use keywords that fit unnaturally anywhere just for the sake of optimization. Google can even penalize the website for stuffing keywords hence be smart while searching and utilizing keywords in a content.

Meta Description

Crisp, concise yet informative is what a Meta Description is. With relevant information, this can actually help in increasing the click rate.

URL Structure

The way in which a URL is structured always poses an impact upon the search engine ranking. It is always required to make a URL that has a simple and concise structure that also targets the keywords – in short, an SEO friendly URL.

Back Links

When you build better backlinks on a regular basis, you will notice that your content will have a better performance that will generate better organic rankings.

Quality of Information

One thing that you must know is that every content has an expiry date. Underperforming content that has been for quite some time on your website is not going to do anything for your website. Maintain a rhythm with new content and republishing the better performing content with a new publishing date and bring them back to life.

Title and Header

Google utilizes the header and title tags to learn what the webpage is all about and then index it. Insert the keywords in title and header tags as it appears predominantly in the search results.

Optimization for Google requires a lot of time but with the regular practice of optimization, you will witness organic growth on your website.

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